Copied: “Do you ever feel like your life is buffering? Like the “next big thing” is loading, but it’s taking a really long time? My life clearly has some internet connectivity problems right now. Things are buffering for me, big time. I’m ready for the next big adventure, but whatever it is – it’s still buffering.
In my heart I know that life is made up of all the little things. They are actually the most beautiful and meaningful part of life. Living life relying on happiness brought by one big event to the next is ultimately a recipe for disappointment, discontentment and disillusionment. I know this. And I usually dwell more in the space of the little, beautiful, meaningful day-to-day. I firmly believe that we shouldn’t discount the little things. That’s what life is made up of, and God works in it. And the little things prepare us for the big events when they do come.”

From: http://www.thingsjothinks.com/2014/07/21/life-buffering/


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