I’ll never tell: 13 secrets every woman silently carries

He Hurt Me More Than I’ll Ever Tell

Every woman has had that man who cut her deep, and if you haven’t, then you have the pain of wanting a man to cut you deep, and sometimes that longing can be worse than the pain itself.

We will never be able to express just how deeply our pain runs, how often we really think about the man who broke our hearts, or hasn’t yet.

I’ll Never Be Prettier Than She Is

There will always something wrong with us — at least, that’s how we feel. No matter how beautiful and perfect we are, we will always find a flaw or imperfection and will always desire to be better. We’ve gotten used to feeling inadequate.

I’m Scared Of Becoming My Mother

Our mothers raised us, but they could never be us. We all hold a deep fear of the moment we look into the mirror and see our mother — all her sorrow, mistakes and regrets.

I’m Scared I Won’t Become My Mother

We may not want to be them, but we respect them enough to know that our mothers are probably the best versions of ourselves we could ever be.

They are the women we can only hope to become in a world full of phonies and materialistic fools. They are the best women we know and to become something else seems wrong.

I Really Don’t Think I’m Getting Married

Whether it’s a fear that we won’t find the right man, or a burning desire to never share our lives, every woman holds that secret of believing she will never tie the knot. We’ll be crazy spinsters until the day our neighbors call our distant relatives, and that sounds okay.

I’m Afraid Of Getting Old And Ugly

We’ve seen the pictures of our great grandmothers, watched the wrinkles forming around our mothers’ necks and seen parts of us growing and expanding that we assumed would never happen.

We walk around knowing that one day we will all have wrinkles and greying hair. We will lose our teeth and no longer wear smooth skin. One day we will look in the mirror and see a withered form of the young and beautiful girls who used to look back at us.

I Think About Sleeping With Him A Lot

Crushes are secrets as much as the unfailing fears of aging we won’t admit. We all have a burning desire to obtain an ideal man, sometimes it’s the guy at work who pops up in our dreams, or it’s a guy we slept with one who still doesn’t remember our name, and may never.

I’m Not Going To Be Able To Get Pregnant

After taking birth control, plan B and being generally careless all these years, we don’t deserve to get pregnant. Little do our unwed husbands know that we’ve been taking pills that could potentially mess with our fertility for years.

I Sometimes Think About Plastic Surgery

No, many of us will never actually go through with it, but we’ve all thought about it. While we proclaim how bad and stupid it looks, we can’t help but wonder what we’d look like with a little collagen and some fillers. Plastic surgery is for the fake, but they do look like pretty damn good fakes.

I Want To Be Beautiful

No matter how content a woman has become with her looks, how little weight she’s learned to give to them, there will always be moments when she wished she looked like Grace Kelly or Penelope Cruz.

No woman will deny that beauty allots a certain power and ease to life that makes us all envious of the girl with a perfect bone structure and effortless body.

From http://elitedaily.com/women/ill-never-tell-13-secrets-every-woman-silently-carries/


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