Arab Society in the news!

KU students help fund an ambulance with medical aid to Syria

I’m so happy this happened, it wasn’t the biggest turn out ever, but we managed to do something.

Here is the article:

Turkish society members doing the bake sale
Turkish society members doing the bake sale

Kingston University’s Turkish Society together with the Arab Society raised more than £1,200 through a day-long fund raising event at Penrhyn road campus

This money will contribute towards sending an ambulance to Syria, via Human Aid UK with medical supplies, doctors and other healthcare professionals on board.

Hind Joucka, president of the Arab Society said: “We are trying to help in any way no matter how small the impact might be.

“This is the right time for everyone to work hand in hand in order to help our brothers and sisters in these dire circumstances. Hopefully, by sending an ambulance with medical supplies we’ll be providing aid needed.”

Each society fund raised though a bake sale or creative events, like palm printing the words Peace and Unity on a sheet in exchange of a donation.

Students give a hand to Syria
Students give a hand to Syria

Volkan Eryildiz, 20, member of the Turkish society said:  “I think the people of Kingston university have been very generous towards the fund raising. Many people donated money without even buying anything.”

The money from Friday’s fund raise, together with that raised by their Just Give page donations came up to £2,607, however the £8,000 target has still not been met. The two societies have plans to further fund raise at other university campuses.

“Everyone is aware of what is happening in Syria and whatever their political beliefs may be they are willing to help the victims,” he added.

A fleet of ambulances from Human Aid
A feet of ambulances from Human Aid

An estimated 130,000 people have died since the uprise against President Bashar al-Assad turned into a civil war, nearly three years ago. Government forces have been targeting hospitals and health clinics in Syria as retribution for treating the wounded. Many health workers have left the country making medical aid a much-needed and scarce service.

These ambulances are used to treat casualties to preserve human life in the war tornedo country like Syria. This ambulance will be part of a convoy similar to that send by Human Aid in December 2013, “we hope to be able to send one with the next convoy,” said a spokesperson from the Turkish society.


When asked in what way the Turkish society wished to impact the situation in Syria they responded:  “we want to do our bit as a society, to aid the helpless and needy and to raise awareness. Syria is a sensitive issue for most, as innocent lives are lost everyday.”

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