Je m’appelle hind

I finally picked up the courage to start writing my own blog; something I’ve been postponing for quite some time now. I think the reason I’ve been hesitant on posting my views on the Internet for the whole world to see is because I’m scared of Grammar Nazis and people judging me and that I will end up on an island all by myself with a volleyball named Wilson as my only companion.

Well that escalated quickly.

Here’s a Grammar Nazi meme that will distract you from what you just read.


And heres Tom Hanks yelling at Wilson in Castaway.


Aaaaanyway. I think it’s all about confidence. I start writing something but then end up not publishing it and then deleting it because I feel it’s not good enough. But I guess I have to start somewhere, and hopefully after some time I’ll get better. I need to write more and pluck up the courage to face the blogging world, after all writing is what I’ll be doing for a living for God’s sake! Therefore I’m going to follow an advice someone dear gave to me; she said if you write from your heart, it is bound to reach other people’s hearts.

I should mention that I’m not a very opinionated person; I don’t adopt a thought and root for it until I die and I certainly don’t rant about it in every-5-minutes posts on Facebook (I’m talking about you, yes, you, a thousand likes on a picture will not free Palestine from the Occupation). I do not believe that there is either a black or a white side to every story. I always allow some grey in between just because life is too short to make these dichotomies. I’m not saying I don’t have opinions and views on contemporary issues and on whether my friend should wear her black heels that make her legs look fat but go perfectly with her dress, or red heels that show her painted toe nails but don’t go that well with her dress, but I feel like there is always room for change and that some details and events can be revealed later on that can change my perspective on a certain issue.

I remember when I was younger, whenever my friends asked me what my favourite colour is (a question, that can fundamentally be the foundation of an everlasting friendship for all 6-year-olds) I would say that my favourite colour is the rainbow –enter question mark face here. I realise now that I liked all colours in the rainbow, I did not want to choose only one. I did not want to tie myself to just one colour; I liked green, blue, red, yellow, orange, indigo, violet because put together they all make one beautiful thing. What I mean is I don’t like to tie myself up to one and only one opotion or opinion, I like to keep an open mind to all views.

Along with documenting my thoughts, this blog will be for keeping track of everything happening around me. I want to remember fashion and beauty tips, delicious food recipes, and other nonsense. I have an awful memory, so I also figured that this will be a good chance for me to archive things that I’d like to remember when I get older; moments that cannot be captured and put in a box for me to later re-live. Things like a good film that made me cry, a song that makes me smile, and everything that’s on my mind.

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