Gone Girl Review

I just finished reading Gone Girl, a book by Gillian Flynn, and I loved it! In the book a character criticises the way people either say a book is good or bad; I liked it or I didn’t. No discussion of the writing, the themes, the nuances, the structure. Just good or bad, like a hot dog. So I’ll discuss all these things- just because I’m scared of that specific character (you’d be afraid once you finish reading the book as well).

The Plot

Gone Girl

Gone Girl

If you like psychological thrillers, Gone Girl is for you. The book is claimed ‘thriller of the year’ by the Observer, and a thriller it is indeed. The plot begins when Nick Dunne, goes back home on his fifth wedding anniversary to find his beautiful wife, Amy, missing. The police suspect Nick for they have found strange searches on his computer, which he claims weren’t made by him. Amy’s friends and neighbours reveal to the police that Amy was afraid of Nick, and he swears it isn’t true.

My Thoughts

Flynn’s expressive writing paints utterly grotesque images throughout the book that creates a chilling effect and keeps you wanting to know more. The story is based on two sides: he said, she said. The two main characters have different stories which makes it harder for the reader to make up their mind on who’s who; who’s the good person and who’s the bad, and on which side they are.

I did enjoy reading Gone Girl and I was very much engrossed in it until the end. However, I thought the ending was a bit disappointing. The whole thing went from several climaxes that leave you in awe of the craftiness of the writer, to an anti-climactic ending that leaves you disappointed and unsatisfied.

All in all I give Gone Girl 4 hearts out of 5. How about you? Have you read it and enjoyed it? How many hearts do you give it? :)xx

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